『Archives and Records』Volume 39, Issue 2(2018年)の主な内容は以下の
Original Articles
To what lengths the ‘Physical and Moral Defence of the Record’ in
times of conflict and exigency?
 Anne J. Gilliland
Restor(y)ing community identity through the archive of Ken Saro-Wiwa
 Vanessa Louise Platt
‘Civil disobedience’ in the archive: documenting women’s activism
and experience through the Sheffield Feminist Archive
 Rosa Sadler & Andrew Martin Cox
Heart of the deal: the use of negotiation and advocacy skills to
revise national guidance for the NHS in line with professional best
practice in the recordkeeping sector
 Laura Hynds & Daniel Scott-Davies
Disability provision and policy in local government archives: the
contemporary picture in Wales
 Clare Victoria Jeremy
Business archives and local communities: corporate heritage in
Loughborough, UK
 Clare Ravenwood & Tim Zijlstra
The past, present and future of sigillography: towards a new
structural standard for seal catalogues
 John Alexander McEwan
New light on old illuminations
 Andrew Beeby, Richard Gameson & Catherine Nicholson
Book Review
Research in the archival multiverse
 Valerie Johnson
Displaced archives
 Alex Fitzgerald
A history of archival practice
 Elizabeth Shepherd
Archival arrangement and description: analog to digital
 Jone Garmendia
The handbook of art and design librarianship
 Sue Breakell
Government information essentials
 Jason King
Open licensing for cultural heritage
 Bernard Horrocks
The no-nonsense guide to project management
 Adrian Steel
Successful enquiry answering every time: thinking your way from
problem to solution
 Matti Watton
Chichester archdeaconry depositions 1603-1608
 Nell Darby
The account book of the Giles Geast Charity, Tewkesbury 1558-1891
 Anthony Smith

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