『Archives and Records』Volume 39, Issue 1(2018年)の主な内容は以下
Editorial - Archives and museums
 Charlotte Berry
From catalogues to contextual networks: reconfiguring collection
documentation in museums
 Michael Jones
Coalition and co-creation: the genesis of Archive Service
 Melinda Haunton, Katrina Thomson & Janice Tullock
From museum to archives: managing the Panama Canal Museum Collection
 John R. Nemmers, Steve Duckworth, Jessica Belcoure Marcetti &
Lourdes Santamar?a-Wheeler
Curatorial and archival approaches to the National Gallery archives
 Alan Crookham & Richard Wragg
Of mind and matter: the archive as object
 Peter Lester
Book Reviews
Valuing your collection: a practical guide for museums, libraries and
 Judy Burg
Birmingham wills and inventories 1512-1603
 Mark Dorrington
The International Business Archives Handbook: understanding and
managing the historical records of business
 Karyn Williamson
Digital preservation for libraries, archives, and museums
 Ellen O’Flaherty
Copyright and e-learning: a guide for practitioners
 Victoria Stobo
The silence of the archive
 Jenny Moran
The history thieves: secrets, lies and the shaping of a modern nation
 Susan Healy
Carole Boddington (1941-2017)
 Ian Mason
Elizabeth Melling (1926-2016)
 Elizabeth Finn
Christopher John Williams (1944-2017)
 Kevin Matthias
Notice of new publications received from July to December 2017
 Susan Healy

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