『American Archivist』Volume 81, Issue 2(2018年秋冬号)の主な内容は
The People Part of Archives
 Christopher A. Lee
Working as an Embedded Archivist in an Undergraduate Course:
Transforming Students into Scholars through an Archival Workshop
 Christy Fic
Civics in the Archives: Engaging Undergraduate and Graduate Students
with Congressional Papers
 Danielle Emerling
Rights Review for Sound Recordings: Strategies Using Risk and Fair
Use Assessments
 Jeremy Evans; Melissa Hern?ndez Dur?n
“First there is the creative decision, then there is the dollar
decision”: Information-Seeking Behaviors of Filmmakers Using Moving
Image Archives
 Laura Treat; Julie Judkins
“Be Damned Pushy at Times”: The Committee on the Status of Women
and Feminism in the Archival Profession, 1972-1998
 Alex H. Poole
“Let Me Tell You What I Learned”: Primary Source Literacy and
Student Employment in Archives and Special Collections
 Erin Passehl-Stoddart
Cultural Competency: A Framework for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
in the Archival Profession in the United States
 Ellen Engseth
Inquiry-based Archival Instruction: An Exploratory Study of Affective
 Chris Marino
The Scholarship of Reviews
 Bethany Anderson
Review Essay: DIY Music Archiving
 Adriana P. Cuervo
Agents of Empire: How E. L. Mitchell's Photographs Shaped Australia
 Ricardo L. Punzalan
Keepers of Our Digital Future: An Assessment of the National Digital
Stewardship Residencies, 2013-2016
 Edith Halvarsson
Feminists Among Us: Resistance and Advocacy in Library Leadership
 Stacie Williams
Digital Preservation Metadata for Practitioners: Implementing PREMIS
 Carly Dearborn
Environmental Information: Research, Access and Environmental
 Eira Tansey
Displaced Archives
 Christopher M. Laico
Engaging with Records and Archives: Histories and Theories
 Amy Cooper Cary
Moving Image and Sound Collections for Archivists
 Andy Uhrich
Future-Proofing the News: Preserving the First Draft of History
 Julie Rogers
Well, What Came Next? Selections from ArchivesNext, 2007-2017
 Marcella Huggard
The Silence of the Archive
 Charlotte S. Kostelic

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